Ours is a simple story - we believe that grooming and wellness is an integral part of urban lives, and we wanted to offer the best possible services in this sector. We firrmly believe that our customers should leave our salon feeling like a million bucks, without having to spend that much. This simple philosophy led to the creation of Ruby Glow Salon & Spa.

We have strived to create a team that is experienced, sincere and most importantly, it is a team that shares our vision to provide impeccable service. We are passionate about keeping abreast with the latest trends in grooming and at the same time, are keen to maintain age old, tried and tested beauty regimes that are effective even today. At Ruby Glow, we strike the perfect balance of traditional techniques and modern procedures to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Step in to experience services that are personalized to suit your preferences, by experts who know and perfectly understand personal grooming and beauty needs.
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